Psychological Injuries: Common After Car Accidents

A little known fact about car accidents is that they almost always have a psychological component for those involved. From concussions and organic brain injuries caused by physical trauma to PTSD and driving anxiety caused by mental trauma, most motor vehicle accident victims deal with some type of psychological issue.

We Can Help With Your ICBC Claim

If you suffered a head injury that resulted in a psychological condition or you’re dealing with any type of mental or emotional injury from a car crash in the Chilliwack area, contact us for help. Our lawyers at Fraserwest Law Group LLP will guide you through the ICBC claim process and help you get the medical and psychological care you need.

As our client, you will work directly with our ICBC injury lawyers Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper, who offer extensive experience, compassion and hope as they advocate for you through the process.

Are You Suffering From Shock, Fear And Emotional Distress?

The shock, fear and emotional distress that results from a car accident can affect you for weeks, months and even years. These injuries alone may be compensable through ICBC benefits. More serious, diagnosable psychological disorders include:

Some psychological injuries are easily diagnosed and documented, while others are not. Regardless of the nature of your injury, it is important to consult our lawyer to ensure that you provide a comprehensive report to ICBC. Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper are both deeply familiar with how ICBC operates and understand what is required to make a successful claim.

Don’t Talk To ICBC Adjusters – We’ll Do That For You

Call us before ICBC, if you can. If you have already called ICBC and have run into difficulties with an adjuster, contact us now. We will step in and manage your claim from this point forward. Call 604-792-1977 for a free consultation today.

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