Established in 1908, the firm now known as Fraserwest Law Group LLP is the oldest law firm in Chilliwack.

Throughout the years Fraserwest Law Group LLP has been a cornerstone of the legal profession in Chilliwack and has fostered deep-rooted ties within the community. At the same time, we have welcomed the prospect of building relationships with new clients.

The partners and associates at Fraserwest Law Group LLP are committed to the Chilliwack area and its people. We provide our clients with quality legal services that are practical and efficient. Our lawyers are highly experienced in their fields and work collaboratively on files to ensure that every client’s needs are fully met.

Answers And Legal Guidance For Injury Victims

A car accident injury can affect every area of your life. Your health, your ability to work and your finances are likely impacted. Routine activities like caring for your children or household tasks are now impossible. At Fraserwest Law Group LLP in Chilliwack, we are familiar with what you are going through because we have extensive experience in ICBC and personal injury claims. We know you have many questions. We have answers, and we can guide you through the legal process.

Knowledge Of ICBC Tactics

If you were injured in a car accident, you are entitled to full compensation for your injuries. Most people mistakenly believe they will receive maximum payment through ICBC. This is not likely without effective legal representation. When representing injured clients, firm partner Patrick Thome and associate, Jennifer Upper, draw upon knowledge of ICBC tactics based on years of experience conducting defence work for ICBC. They now dedicates their practices exclusively to helping injured people.

Call Us Before ICBC

Timing is crucial in injury cases. If possible, call our lawyers before you contact ICBC. We will step in and manage every aspect of your claim. You will focus on getting the medical treatment you need while we deal with the insurance adjustors. Call 604-792-1977 now or contact Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper online to arrange a free initial consultation. There are no fees unless we help you recover compensation.

Three Reasons To Choose Fraserwest Law Group LLP

  • Reason 01

    Experience On Both Sides

    Firm partner Patrick Thome and associate, Jennifer Upper conducted defence work for ICBC for many years.
    We now use our knowledge to help our injured clients.

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  • Reason 02

    Our History Of Success

    As the oldest law firm in Chilliwack, we have a proven record of successfully
    representing people with all types of accident injuries.

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  • Reason 03

    Dedication To Full Compensation

    After a serious injury, you should not have to deal with insurance adjustors.
    We will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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