Serious Representation For Serious Back Injuries

Back injuries are perhaps the most common injuries that occur in car accidents. The jarring motion of two vehicles colliding nearly always causes strain to the backs of drivers and passengers. With many back injury claims coming into ICBC, it is imperative that your claim contains the necessary information the adjusters will require to approve full compensation for all relevant damages.

See A Doctor And Contact Us As Soon As Possible

At Fraserwest Law Group LLP, we can help you assess your injuries and ensure that they are properly documented in your medical record. No matter the severity of your back injury, it is important to be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident. Then, contact one of our skilled injury lawyers, Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper.

Often, back injuries involve not only soft tissue, but also bones and ligaments, and can result in long-term pain. Even with surgery and/or extensive physical therapy, the effects of a serious back injury may affect your life for many months or even years. While your ability to work is impacted, you are entitled to wage loss benefits through ICBC. However, in order to obtain these benefits, a doctor must properly assess and document your physical abilities.

Maximize Your Claim With Our Help

When working with Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper, you will feel confident you are doing everything possible to maximize your claim.  Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper offer extensive knowledge of ICBC gained over many years working as lawyers for ICBC. They now strictly represent plaintiffs in the Chilliwack area in ICBC injury claims, using his knowledge of the other side to benefit our injured clients.

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There is no time to waste after any car accident injury — you need legal representation as soon as possible. Call our law firm at 604-792-1977 or send an email for a prompt response. We offer free initial consultations and operate on contingency fees in injury claims.

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