ICBC Claims For Broken Bones And Other Skeletal Injuries

Injuries to the skeletal system may involve bones, joints and ligaments. Often, skeletal injuries that occur in car accidents are serious, requiring surgery and physical therapy. And they almost always temporarily prevent the victim from working. After a bone fracture or other skeletal injury, contact our injury lawyer at Fraserwest Law Group LLP in Chilliwack for immediate assistance.

Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper are deeply familiar with the ICBC claim process and will make sure you start receiving compensation for wage loss and other damages as soon as possible.

Timing is critical in ICBC claims. If you have not contacted Dial-a-Claim, call our law firm first.  Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper will answer your questions, and provide valuable guidance as you obtain medical treatment and document evidence to support your claim.

Get The Full Benefits You Deserve

With more than bones in the human body, skeletal injuries come in many forms, including:

  • Broken bones/fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Torn ligaments
  • Sprains

Car accidents frequently cause complex skeletal injuries that require surgical repair of bones and ligaments. Treatment typically involves casts, splints and braces. While all of this is going on and the injured person is unable to work, both new medical bills and existing expenses are mounting.

Learn More About How to Make A Successful ICBC Claim

Through an effective ICBC claim, you can receive payment for all medical treatment, rehabilitation, income loss and even disability benefits. Contact us at 604-792-1977 to learn more about how to make a successful ICBC claim and for strong advocacy from our experienced lawyer.

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