Chronic Pain After A Car Accident

Countless car accident victims suffer from long-term, chronic pain. Sometimes the initial root cause of the pain is known, but often there is no medical explanation for why symptoms that should eventually resolve do not. Doctors diagnose chronic pain as a condition involving soreness, fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness and other symptoms.

If you are dealing with chronic pain after a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for more than your initial injury. However, obtaining benefits for damages caused by chronic pain through ICBC can be difficult without help from a knowledgeable lawyer.

Fighting For The Compensation You Need

At Fraserwest Law Group LLP, we offer legal representation from a lawyer who is familiar with the devastating effects of motor vehicle accident injuries and understands the ICBC claim process. Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper have assisted many injury victims in the Chilliwack area who suffer from chronic pain after being hit by negligent drivers. They know this is impacting every aspect of your life, and that you need financial help to continue pursuing medical treatment, to provide for your family and to function in your daily life.

Solid Courtroom Representation

Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper both have backgrounds as a former ICBC defence lawyers, which is greatly beneficial to clients with chronic pain. They know what is required to obtain benefits for the condition — often this is achieved in court. They will work closely with your doctor to ensure that your symptoms and inability to work and carry out routine tasks are properly documented.

ICBC claims for chronic pain are typically challenging. However, the BC courts have a history of supporting claims when cases are presented well with adequate medical documentation, often for substantial damage awards.

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