Concussion Injury ICBC Claims

Unfortunately, many car accident injury victims are not aware of the full extent of their injuries at first. A concussion is one type of injury that does not always immediately present itself. If you call ICBC’s Dial-a-Claim before your medical condition is fully assessed, you may risk losing out on full payment from ICBC. The best way to maximize your ICBC claim is to seek medical care immediately and then contact our law firm.

Experience Matters — Contact Our Injury Lawyers

At Fraserwest Law Group LLP in Chilliwack, we are your strong advocates after an accident. We know how critical it is to report all injuries and medical conditions to ICBC. Our experienced injury lawyers, Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper, will work closely with you to ensure you receive proper medical care and that your injuries are accurately documented so that you receive the full benefits you are entitled to after any type of auto accident injury, including a concussion.

Car accident victims turn to our firm based on our strong record of success in ICBC claims, largely due to the unmatched experience and skills of our lawyers.

Patrick Thome and Jennifer Upper are well-versed in the nuances of ICBC policies and procedures. They know the corporation because they worked as an ICBC defence lawyers for many years. They now use the insight and knowledge he gained during that time to help injury victims pursuing ICBC benefits.

Concussion: A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A concussion is the result of head trauma and is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Being diagnosed with any form of brain injury is frightening, as the long-term effects are often difficult to predict. To obtain proper compensation through ICBC, we may work with medical and vocational experts to assess and document your condition. When concussion symptoms are prolonged, the condition is referred to as post-concussion syndrome (PCS). It can last many months and prevent you from working. If you have post-concussion syndrome, we will help you pursue disability benefits, as well as payment for all other relevant damages.

After an accident, contact Patrick Thome or Jennifer Upper at Fraserwest Law Group LLP before you call ICBC, if possible. We can be reached at 604-792-1977, and we are ready to assist you. Initial consultations are free and there are no legal fees until your claim is successful.

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